Sunday, February 18, 2018

Winter scene with Snow-Men and Birds in the frost etc;

Snowmen made by Next Neighbors
On 12th this month, piled snow surprised me when I opened the window. And then, I found 12 year-old daughter and her mother making snow men. Also boys were making snow balls. This year, we experienced colder winter;  and  the amount of snow fall on that day must have been the incentive for boys enjoy throwing snow balls together :-)
The snow man in the right end is modeled after the Character of "Olaf" in the movie "Frozen".  Haha, I just knew about the title of the movie. Made me smile to see how it looks like him, after I check with pc.   Yesterday, I saw the blue Pigeon below and I thought it matches with the snow men and the pattern around the neck is beautiful .

Brambling in the Frost
The other day in the morning, this tiny sweet Brambling surprised me having breakfast in the white frost. This made me re-realize the survival ability wild life has.

* Unidentified Flower from last Autumn (haven't posted) *
Sorry that I couldn't identify these colorful same flower.
I always "Thankful" for pc giving me answer for things, not this time.

Today's sunshine made us feel a little warm.
Hope you all are doing fine, I will See You Soon;

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Trimming dog's hair, Cyclaman and Birds;

Being Trimmed at the DIY store
At the one corner of a big DIY store in my city, I happened to see a dog being trimmed its hair. (First Time for me to see ;-)  The cute puddle seemed to know what is going on and really well-behaved.  And the handsome young man is doing good job (tenderly) for her or him.   Although I couldn't see  lovely finished style, I was happy to be able to see sweet scene ♡♡♡

Cyclamen and  Birds
Last year on a cultural festival at the agricultural high school close to my house,  many cyclamens were being sold. I felt THANKFUL for the students' work and people looked happy buying them.
Hawfinch and Pale thrush 
With different tone of color, from in front of my house.
                            Left; male                        Right; female   
I have no idea whether he is drinking water or having early dinner :-) 

Picture inside is my tiny yard from early Feb.   My husband had a cold at that time and then I caught it from him p;-)  As it's the Valentine month, I thought about helping each other;  Hope you all will have a sweet Valentine Month with your loved ones ♡♡♡

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Monday, February 5, 2018

Exhibition called "Elegance from Kyo (京)”, Flower & Bird;  

Exhibition called "Elegance from Kyo (京)
This exhibition was from last year at the department store in my city.  Introducing (we could buy) us Japanese "hanging scroll, tea-ware, letter box "fubako 文箱".  I was tempted to buy a letter box but bit expensive.  Sorry that the light made the pictures a bit brownish.

Flowers from Botanical Garden
I only posted orchid flowers from city park here. Let me show you some others including with rare (I think :-) ones.  As you may notice, first collage is 2 kinds of orchid.    Second one I only take pic of name tag of left "Speciosum".   
Others I'll write names in order. 
        "Tacker integrase Li Folia"
"Geoppertia burle marxii"
"Angraecum eburnum"

Brambling from in front of my house
This season since late last year, Bramblings are staying the tree in front of my house.  I took many pictures of them ;-)  Unfortunately, they come out from inside of the tree almost bit early morning or late evening. I chose the brighter ones I could take.

My husband was practicing saxophone, sorry for the noise.

Today, we (in our area) experienced second time of snow fall (not piled up).  Cold for outside work.  But I'm "Thankful" for being able to see beautiful snow(*^.^*)
Have a wonderful Sunday or New Week.

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